Thursday, June 16, 2005

Thank you Princess Mary..........

Firstly, I would like to thank Princess Mary for having one too many at the Slip Inn all those years ago and meeting some random guy. If she hadn#t done that, we wouldnä#t have been able to get LOADS OF free beer at the Carlsberg brewery.

At the moment i#m attempting to learn how to use a German Keyboard, where a few of the letters are messed around and ones like this are added in öäüß, so forgive me µ if i make some tzpos.

Denmark was absolutelz amazing. Dave´s relatives own a pig farm, so we went for lunch and ate some of the best ham that I have tasted (home smoked, with home made sausages and everzthing like that). It was absolutely fantastic and we followed it with a tour of the farm, seeing how everything worked and stuff- there were 500 acres of wheat and barley needed to feed 5000 pigs, about 200 go to market every week, and a new litter or two is born almost every day - certainlz a streamlined process! We also saw the two luckiest pigs on the farm, one of whom was completely exhausted from a full days work!
After that, we took a look around Cöpenhäagen for a while, and we saw princess Mary#s car (she was in it but we didn#t get to see her), as well as the changing of the guard, the little mermaid, and several other really interesting sites. Unfortunatelz the little mermaid developed a bit of a crush on Patric, our travelling companion, so he was missing as we left her (unfortunatelz only discovered about 5km down the road madly riding to catch a train which we made by 2 minutes). Copenhagen also has those city bike things like Aarhus, so it was reallz easy to get around.

We spent 2 nights in copenhagen, and then caught a train to berlin, getting in about 10pm. the area where the hostel was, despite being the heard of west berlin during the cold war, was completely dead. The next day we went about aour sightseeing. First, we went out to one of the old concentration camps, which was really moving. reading some of the stories and visiting the rooms made zou feel almost sick to your stomach about what had happened in there. Interestingly, i got a similar feeling of bewilderment walking around the streets of berlin, where thez had put up the wall. How can human beings do this to each other? We walked around berlin (no citybikes) seeing all the sites.

Must go - my credit is out at the internet cafe...more to come!!!!!



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